Sunday, 31 October 2010


so, like, we really need to blog more often, it's getting a bit ridiculous really, im sure it has been a month since our last post but we have been busy, busy, busy. so please excuse this rather futile attempt at a "blog post".

anyway, last night we went to a halloween gig which was pretty good even though the bands were all scene and hardcore and meh. our friends were in the support band. they were good. megan got body slammed and kirsty had a jedward's head between her knees but all in all it was a fun night.

this is what we wore. kirsty is a geek and megan is a fairy.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

i just lied to get to your apartment.

kirsty is fake crying. megan is pretending to ignore her, but it's quite hard really. it's hard when the person sitting next to you is reminiscent of a cat which is slowing drowning.

this is what we did today. just chillin' at kirsty's crib. we had fanta. we are both ill. we think about stuff to much.