Sunday, 29 August 2010

there's no such thing as love, it's just fantasy...

man's needs
are full of greed
full of greed
a man's needs
man's needs
are lost on me

a girl's needs
girl's needs
just don't agree
don't agree
with man's needs

just sometimes i think of you.
like when i roll over and you’re not there.
or a stranger’s hand brushes mine.
or a fleeting memory photographed in my mind pops up.
those are the worst.
that’s when i can smell you, feel you.
it’s crippling really. but i’m fine.

hey darling. hey, hey darling.

fuck you normal people.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

rather be dead than cool pt. 2

rather be dead than cool.

hello there.
i like your hair etc...

anyway. we decided to not use pictures of ourselves for this post. just cause. this is kirsten. shes cool and the number one fan of geeky anarchy. not that we have alot of fans anyway. well here she is modelling a selection of kirsty's clothes. she's pretty, don't cha think?
kirsty took all of the photos. obviously.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

couture fairytales pt. 2

kirsty is back, well actually she has been back for a while but we just haven't seemed to have any time to post. okay dokey. on with the show. in particular the A/W '10 chanel couture show. in the previous post megan was very creative, and well thats just cause she is awsome. ANYWAY... theses dresses are just, how should i put this AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING, i am especially in love with the one that bo don is wearing,it's beautiful and reminds me of clouds and meadows, princesses and lovelyness.

the princess in this week's fairytale would be called beau. and she would be locked in a tower waiting for a handsome man to come and sweep her off her feet on her eighteenth birthday. this is when she will be free. guarding the tower is a friendly lion who is her protector and best friend in the whole world. on the eve of her eighteenth birthday however everything seems to go horribly wrong. yes, a handsome man does come to rescue her, but mistakes the friendly lion for a threat and slays him. beau is terribly upset but must go with her 'saviour'...

Monday, 2 August 2010

couture fairytales pt.1

hello there.
kirsty is away in carnoustie so it's just megan for a while. i hope you're not disappointed. i am quite disappointed. i miss my kirsty. anyway.... i thought i would actually write about some fashion seeing as that is kind of the point of this blog.
looking through the a/w '10 couture collections, a couple of things were REALLY amazing.

these dior dresses are just kinda WOW. i can't think of anytime i would ever wear these but still. the colours and the whole look in general remind me of "A Bug's Life". i don't really know or care if that's what monsieur galliano was aiming for but that's what they make me think of anyway. like if i put one on i would transform into some sort of beautiful butterfly creature or a wonderful flower nymph. or something like that.i could imagine a fairytale where the heroine (who would have to be called gisele) would be lost in a big scary forest. she would sit down and cry. a single tear would land on a little flower growing beside her. and POW! the fairy would pop up dressed in one of those ballgowns and rescue her.