Monday, 2 August 2010

couture fairytales pt.1

hello there.
kirsty is away in carnoustie so it's just megan for a while. i hope you're not disappointed. i am quite disappointed. i miss my kirsty. anyway.... i thought i would actually write about some fashion seeing as that is kind of the point of this blog.
looking through the a/w '10 couture collections, a couple of things were REALLY amazing.

these dior dresses are just kinda WOW. i can't think of anytime i would ever wear these but still. the colours and the whole look in general remind me of "A Bug's Life". i don't really know or care if that's what monsieur galliano was aiming for but that's what they make me think of anyway. like if i put one on i would transform into some sort of beautiful butterfly creature or a wonderful flower nymph. or something like that.i could imagine a fairytale where the heroine (who would have to be called gisele) would be lost in a big scary forest. she would sit down and cry. a single tear would land on a little flower growing beside her. and POW! the fairy would pop up dressed in one of those ballgowns and rescue her.


  1. the dresses look like really gothic butterflies :L

  2. yeah :L they're pretty amazing.