Saturday, 31 July 2010

let's party like it's 1985 pt.3

these are the last of the 80s photographs. we forgot to upload them yesterday because we are silly fools. in case you were wondering, kirsty is looking at this weird guy that was walking down the street and he kind of looked stoned and really strange. so that's why she has a funny expression on her face.

Friday, 30 July 2010

let's party like it's 1985 pt.2

we're wearing a mix of our own and megan's mum's clothes.

let's party like it's 1985

last night, we did two cool things.
number 1 - we got megan's mum to go into the attic and get us some of her old clothes
number 2 - we sent an email to tavi off of
in the email...we were slighty, ermm, hyper and we sounded a bit like stalkers but she still emailed us back. and she said she loved our blog name! yayayayay! so we were very happy.
anyway...the old clothes. even though they didn't excite us as much as an email from tavi, they're still pretty cool. and they're from the 80s. this afternoon, we decided to take some pictures. again, don't get to excited. even though they are pretty cool pictures. and we had fun fun fun taking them, even though a white-van man tooted his horn at us, even though we tried to hide from him. oh, and another guy gave us a REALLY CREEPY peadophile smile.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

this is a momentous occasion

this is our first proper post. oooohhhh exciting, isn't it? well it will be for our loyal fanbase. thanks for the support guys. you rock, etc etc etc.
ANYWAY....the amazing post is...some pictures of us. oh. how. disappointing.
oh well....we thought we better write something to get us started properly. this post was going to contain our "reviews" of some of the S/S '11 menswear shows, but we just went outside and took some photos of ourselves instead. sorry for the let-down. no male models in sight...

kirsty (the brunette one) is wearing a t-shirt from topshop, a cardigan from all saints, sandals from office, shorts from topshop and a vintage belt. she found the socks in her room one day after she had been visited by the magical sock fairies.
megan (the blonde one) is wearing a t-shirt from h&m, shorts from warehouse, a jacket from french connection, a brooch from topshop and big stompy boots from h&m.....
the cats sitting on top of megan's boots are kirsty's. they are rather cool.

'allo 'allo 'allo

we didn't think this blogging thing would be so hard. and we don't know what to say. and considering that it's our first post, it should be better. BUT, we don't really care...
anyway, we thought we had better introduce ourselves. we are kirsty and megan. and we are fashion geeks, and quite obsessed with clothes. we are also very obsessed with music. good music that is. we live in boringville (A.K.A. aberdeen, scotland) and there are only about six good shops and hardly any cool people. so don't expect this blog to be anything majorly AMAZING. but we'll try. really hard.
so, we hope you haven't been scared away by this slightly weird and self-derogatory post. please come back and read the stuff we write. it might eventually become something worth reading...