Thursday, 29 July 2010

'allo 'allo 'allo

we didn't think this blogging thing would be so hard. and we don't know what to say. and considering that it's our first post, it should be better. BUT, we don't really care...
anyway, we thought we had better introduce ourselves. we are kirsty and megan. and we are fashion geeks, and quite obsessed with clothes. we are also very obsessed with music. good music that is. we live in boringville (A.K.A. aberdeen, scotland) and there are only about six good shops and hardly any cool people. so don't expect this blog to be anything majorly AMAZING. but we'll try. really hard.
so, we hope you haven't been scared away by this slightly weird and self-derogatory post. please come back and read the stuff we write. it might eventually become something worth reading...


  1. hello kirsty and megan.
    My name is Kirsten :D
    and your "good music" is slowly taking over my ears.
    i also happen to be your first follower, number one fan and president of your fan club :)
    okay that sort of sounded very obsessive :L
    and your label is lol worthy :) self pity!
    bye bye xx

  2. hi kirsten :)
    nice to here from you!
    we were thinking that you could make t shirts with our faces on them for the fan club?
    just an idea...
    bye bye xx :D

  3. sure i will get right on it!
    how is that? i dont know if you can see it or not?
    bye bye xx


  5. ooh thanks kirsten :)
    but... we've decided we want to get mousepads instead cause they're cooler.

  6. okay