Thursday, 29 July 2010

this is a momentous occasion

this is our first proper post. oooohhhh exciting, isn't it? well it will be for our loyal fanbase. thanks for the support guys. you rock, etc etc etc.
ANYWAY....the amazing post is...some pictures of us. oh. how. disappointing.
oh well....we thought we better write something to get us started properly. this post was going to contain our "reviews" of some of the S/S '11 menswear shows, but we just went outside and took some photos of ourselves instead. sorry for the let-down. no male models in sight...

kirsty (the brunette one) is wearing a t-shirt from topshop, a cardigan from all saints, sandals from office, shorts from topshop and a vintage belt. she found the socks in her room one day after she had been visited by the magical sock fairies.
megan (the blonde one) is wearing a t-shirt from h&m, shorts from warehouse, a jacket from french connection, a brooch from topshop and big stompy boots from h&m.....
the cats sitting on top of megan's boots are kirsty's. they are rather cool.


  1. "...she had been visited by the magical sock fairies."

    Amazing quote :L

    and those pics are actually ace! espacially the one with the cats on the shoes :L
    and you actually look like proper models :L

    Kd x

  2. thank you kd, for numerous reasons...

    thank you for liking the sock fairies quote
    thank you for liking the pictures
    thank you for appreciating the cats
    and thank you for saying that we look like models

    oh and also, just to let you know, those cats were the cats that kirsty was trying to stick in her eyes the other day. what a fool.

  3. you welcome (:

    and i thought those might of been the cats :L
    well at least she didnt do what i done :| :L

    Kd x